Defined in include/vehicle2/physxRoadGeometry/PxVehiclePhysXRoadGeometryParams.h

struct PxVehiclePhysXRoadGeometryQueryParams

A description of type of PhysX scene query and the filter data to apply to the query.

Public Functions

inline PxVehiclePhysXRoadGeometryQueryParams transformAndScale(const PxVehicleFrame &srcFrame, const PxVehicleFrame &trgFrame, const PxVehicleScale &srcScale, const PxVehicleScale &trgScale) const
inline bool isValid() const

Public Members

PxVehiclePhysXRoadGeometryQueryType::Enum roadGeometryQueryType

A description of the type of physx scene query to employ.

PxQueryFilterData filterData

The filter data to use for the physx scene query.

PxQueryFilterCallback *filterCallback

A filter callback to be used by the physx scene query.


A null pointer is allowed.