Defined in include/vehicle2/PxVehicleParams.h

Inheritance Relationships

Derived Type

struct PxVehicleSimulationContext

Subclassed by PxVehiclePhysXSimulationContext

Public Functions

inline PxVehicleSimulationContext()
inline PxVehicleSimulationContextType::Enum getType() const
inline void setToDefault()
inline PxVehicleSimulationContext transformAndScale(const PxVehicleFrame &srcFrame, const PxVehicleFrame &trgFrame, const PxVehicleScale &srcScale, const PxVehicleScale &trgScale) const

Public Members

PxVec3 gravity
PxVehicleFrame frame
PxVehicleScale scale
PxVehicleTireSlipParams tireSlipParams
PxVehicleTireStickyParams tireStickyParams
PxReal thresholdForwardSpeedForWheelAngleIntegration

Forward wheel speed below which the wheel rotation speed gets blended with the rolling speed.

The blended rotation speed is used to integrate the wheel rotation angle. At low forward wheel speed, the wheel rotation speed can get unstable (depending on the tire model used) and, for example, oscillate.

Unit: velocity = length / time


If brake or throttle is applied, there will be no blending.

PxVehiclePvdContext pvdContext

Structure to support Omni PVD, the PhysX Visual Debugger.

Protected Attributes

PxVehicleSimulationContextType::Enum type