Defined in include/vehicle2/suspension/PxVehicleSuspensionParams.h

struct PxVehicleSuspensionForceParams

Suspension force is computed by converting suspenson state to suspension force under the assumption of a linear spring.

Public Functions

inline PxVehicleSuspensionForceParams transformAndScale(const PxVehicleFrame &srcFrame, const PxVehicleFrame &trgFrame, const PxVehicleScale &srcScale, const PxVehicleScale &trgScale) const
inline bool isValid() const

Public Members

PxReal stiffness

Spring strength of suspension.

Range: (0, inf)Unit: mass / (time^2)

PxReal damping

Spring damper rate of suspension.

Range: [0, inf)Unit: mass / time

PxReal sprungMass

Part of the vehicle mass that is supported by the suspension spring.

Range: (0, inf)Unit: mass