Defined in include/vehicle2/suspension/PxVehicleSuspensionParams.h

struct PxVehicleSuspensionStateCalculationParams

Public Functions

inline PxVehicleSuspensionStateCalculationParams transformAndScale(const PxVehicleFrame &srcFrame, const PxVehicleFrame &trgFrame, const PxVehicleScale &srcScale, const PxVehicleScale &trgScale) const
inline bool isValid() const

Public Members

PxVehicleSuspensionJounceCalculationType::Enum suspensionJounceCalculationType
bool limitSuspensionExpansionVelocity

Limit the suspension expansion dynamics.

If a hit with the ground is detected, the suspension jounce will be set such that the wheel is placed on the ground. This can result in large changes to jounce within a single simulation frame, if the ground surface has high frequency or if the simulation time step is large. As a result, large damping forces can evolve and cause undesired behavior. If this parameter is set to true, the suspension expansion speed will be limited to what can be achieved given the time step, suspension stiffness etc. As a consequence, handling of the vehicle will be affected as the wheel might loose contact with the ground more easily.