Defined in include/vehicle2/commands/PxVehicleCommandStates.h

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Base Type

struct PxVehicleTankDriveTransmissionCommandState : public PxVehicleEngineDriveTransmissionCommandState

A description of the state of transmission-related commands that are applied to a vehicle with tank drive.

Public Types

enum Enum


enumerator eAUTOMATIC_GEAR

Special gear value to denote the automatic shift mode (often referred to as DRIVE).

When using automatic transmission, setting this value as target gear will enable automatic gear shifts between first and highest gear. If the current gear is a reverse gear or the neutral gear, then this value will trigger a shift to first gear. If this value is used even though there is no automatic transmission available, the gear state will remain unchanged.

Public Functions

inline void setToDefault()

Public Members

PxReal thrusts[2]

The wheels of each tank track are either all connected to thrusts[0] or all connected to thrusts[1].


The thrust commands are used to divert torque from the engine to the wheels of the tank tracks controlled by each thrust.


thrusts[0] and thrusts[1] are in range [-1,1] with the sign dictating whether the thrust will be applied positively or negatively with respect to the gearing ratio.

PxReal clutch

The instantaneous state of the clutch controller in range [0,1] with 1 denoting fully pressed and 0 fully depressed.

PxU32 targetGear

The desired gear of the input gear controller.