Defined in include/extensions/PxD6Joint.h

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Base Type

class PxD6JointDrive : public PxSpring

parameters for configuring the drive model of a PxD6Joint

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Public Functions

inline PxD6JointDrive()

default constructor for PxD6JointDrive.

inline PxD6JointDrive(PxReal driveStiffness, PxReal driveDamping, PxReal driveForceLimit, bool isAcceleration = false)

constructor a PxD6JointDrive.

  • driveStiffness[in] The stiffness of the drive spring.

  • driveDamping[in] The damping of the drive spring

  • driveForceLimit[in] The maximum impulse or force that can be exerted by the drive

  • isAcceleration[in] Whether the drive is an acceleration drive or a force drive

inline bool isValid() const

returns true if the drive is valid

Public Members

PxReal forceLimit

the force limit of the drive - may be an impulse or a force depending on PxConstraintFlag::eDRIVE_LIMITS_ARE_FORCES

PxD6JointDriveFlags flags

the joint drive flags

PxReal stiffness

the spring strength of the drive: that is, the force proportional to the position error

PxReal damping

the damping strength of the drive: that is, the force proportional to the velocity error