Defined in include/extensions/PxDefaultErrorCallback.h

Inheritance Relationships

Base Type

class PxDefaultErrorCallback : public PxErrorCallback

default implementation of the error callback

This class is provided in order to enable the SDK to be started with the minimum of user code. Typically an application will use its own error callback, and log the error to file or otherwise make it visible. Warnings and error messages from the SDK are usually indicative that changes are required in order for PhysX to function correctly, and should not be ignored.

Public Functions

virtual ~PxDefaultErrorCallback()
virtual void reportError(PxErrorCode::Enum code, const char *message, const char *file, int line) override

Reports an error code.

  • code – Error code, see PxErrorCode

  • message – Message to display.

  • file – File error occured in.

  • line – Line number error occured on.