Defined in include/foundation/PxErrorCallback.h

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Derived Types

class PxErrorCallback

User defined interface class.

Used by the library to emit debug information.

Threading: The SDK sequences its calls to the output stream using a mutex, so the class need not be implemented in a thread-safe manner if the SDK is the only client.


The SDK state should not be modified from within any error reporting functions.

Subclassed by PxBroadcast< PxErrorCallback, PxErrorCallback >, PxDefaultErrorCallback

Public Functions

inline virtual ~PxErrorCallback()
virtual void reportError(PxErrorCode::Enum code, const char *message, const char *file, int line) = 0

Reports an error code.

  • code – Error code, see PxErrorCode

  • message – Message to display.

  • file – File error occured in.

  • line – Line number error occured on.