Defined in include/extensions/PxDefaultStreams.h

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Base Type

class PxDefaultFileInputData : public PxInputData

default implementation of a file read stream

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Public Functions

PxDefaultFileInputData(const char *name)
virtual ~PxDefaultFileInputData()
virtual PxU32 read(void *dest, PxU32 count)

read from the stream.

The number of bytes read may be less than the number requested.

  • dest[in] the destination address to which the data will be read

  • count[in] the number of bytes requested


the number of bytes read from the stream.

virtual void seek(PxU32 pos)

seek to the given offset from the start of the data.


offset[in] the offset to seek to. If greater than the length of the data, this call is equivalent to seek(length);

virtual PxU32 tell() const

return the current offset from the start of the data


the offset to seek to.

virtual PxU32 getLength() const

return the length of the input data


size in bytes of the input data

bool isValid() const