Defined in include/foundation/PxIO.h

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class PxInputData : public PxInputStream

Input data class for I/O which provides random read access.

The user needs to supply a PxInputData implementation to a number of methods to allow the SDK to read data.

Subclassed by PxDefaultFileInputData, PxDefaultMemoryInputData

Public Functions

virtual uint32_t getLength() const = 0

return the length of the input data


size in bytes of the input data

virtual void seek(uint32_t offset) = 0

seek to the given offset from the start of the data.


offset[in] the offset to seek to. If greater than the length of the data, this call is equivalent to seek(length);

virtual uint32_t tell() const = 0

return the current offset from the start of the data


the offset to seek to.

inline virtual ~PxInputData()
virtual uint32_t read(void *dest, uint32_t count) = 0

read from the stream.

The number of bytes read may be less than the number requested.

  • dest[in] the destination address to which the data will be read

  • count[in] the number of bytes requested


the number of bytes read from the stream.