Defined in include/PxImmediateMode.h

void PxIntegrateSolverBodies(PxSolverBodyData *solverBodyData, PxSolverBody *solverBody, const PxVec3 *linearMotionVelocity, const PxVec3 *angularMotionState, PxU32 nbBodiesToIntegrate, PxReal dt)

Integrates a rigid body, returning the new velocities and transforms.

After this function has been called, solverBodyData stores all the body’s velocity data.

  • solverBodyData[inout] The array of solver body data to be integrated

  • solverBody[in] The bodies’ linear and angular velocities

  • linearMotionVelocity[in] The bodies’ linear motion velocity array

  • angularMotionState[in] The bodies’ angular motion velocity array

  • nbBodiesToIntegrate[in] The total number of bodies to integrate

  • dt[in] The timestep