Defined in include/PxImmediateMode.h

void PxConstructStaticSolverBodyTGS(const PxTransform &globalPose, PxTGSSolverBodyVel &solverBodyVel, PxTGSSolverBodyTxInertia &solverBodyTxInertia, PxTGSSolverBodyData &solverBodyData)

Constructs a PxSolverBodyData structure for a static body at a given pose.

  • globalPose[in] The pose of this static actor

  • solverBodyVel[out] The velocity component of this body (will be zero)

  • solverBodyTxInertia[out] The intertia and transform delta component of this body (will be zero)

  • solverBodyData[out] The solver body representation of this static actor