Defined in include/PxImmediateMode.h

void PxConstructSolverBodiesTGS(const PxRigidBodyData *inRigidData, PxTGSSolverBodyVel *outSolverBodyVel, PxTGSSolverBodyTxInertia *outSolverBodyTxInertia, PxTGSSolverBodyData *outSolverBodyData, const PxU32 nbBodies, const PxVec3 &gravity, const PxReal dt, const bool gyroscopicForces = false)

Constructs a PxSolverBodyData structure based on rigid body properties.

Applies gravity, damping and clamps maximum velocity.

  • inRigidData[in] The array rigid body properties

  • outSolverBodyVel[out] The array of PxTGSSolverBodyVel structures produced to represent these bodies

  • outSolverBodyTxInertia[out] The array of PxTGSSolverBodyTxInertia produced to represent these bodies

  • outSolverBodyData[out] The array of PxTGSolverBodyData produced to represent these bodies

  • nbBodies[in] The total number of solver bodies to create

  • gravity[in] The gravity vector

  • dt[in] The timestep

  • gyroscopicForces[in] Indicates whether gyroscopic forces should be integrated