Defined in include/PxImmediateMode.h

bool PxCreateJointConstraintsWithShadersTGS(PxConstraintBatchHeader *batchHeaders, const PxU32 nbBatchHeaders, PxConstraint **constraints, PxTGSSolverConstraintPrepDesc *jointDescs, PxConstraintAllocator &allocator, const PxReal dt, const PxReal totalDt, const PxReal invDt, const PxReal invTotalDt, const PxReal lengthScale)

Creates a set of joint constraint blocks.

This function runs joint shaders defined inside PxConstraint** param, fills in joint row information in jointDescs and then calls PxCreateJointConstraints.

  • batchHeaders[in] The set of batchHeaders to be processed

  • nbBatchHeaders[in] The number of batch headers to process.

  • constraints[in] The set of constraints to be used to produce constraint rows

  • jointDescs[inout] An array of constraint prep descs defining the properties of the constraints being created

  • allocator[in] An allocator callback to allocate constraint data

  • dt[in] The total time-step/nbPositionIterations

  • totalDt[in] The total time-step

  • invDt[in] The inverse (timestep/nbPositionIterations)

  • invTotalDt[in] The inverse total time-step

  • lengthScale[in] PxToleranceScale::length, i.e. a meter in simulation units


a boolean indicating if this method was successful or not.