Defined in include/vehicle2/pvd/PxVehiclePvdFunctions.h

void PxVehiclePvdPhysXRigidActorWrite(const PxVehiclePhysXActor *physxActor, const PxVehiclePvdAttributeHandles &attributeHandles, const PxVehiclePvdObjectHandles &objectHandles, OmniPvdWriter *omniWriter)

Write the PxRigidActor instance to omnipvd.


If physxActor is NULL and the corresponding argument in PxVehiclePvdPhysXRigidActorRegister was not NULL, the corresponding data will not be updated in omnipvd.


objectHandles must be non-NULL.


omniWriter must be non-NULL.

  • physxActor[in] describes the PxRigidActor instance that is used to represent the vehicle’s rigid body in PhysX.

  • attributeHandles[in] contains a general description of vehicle parameters and states that will be reflected in omnipvd.

  • objectHandles[in] contains unique handles for the parameters and states of each vehicle instance.

  • omniWriter[in] is an OmniPvdWriter instance used to communicate state and parameter data to omnipvd.