Defined in include/vehicle2/pvd/PxVehiclePvdFunctions.h

void PxVehiclePvdPhysXWheelAttachmentRegister(const PxVehicleAxleDescription &axleDesc, const PxVehicleArrayData<const PxVehiclePhysXSuspensionLimitConstraintParams> &physxSuspLimitConstraintParams, const PxVehicleArrayData<const PxVehiclePhysXMaterialFrictionParams> &physxMaterialFrictionParams, const PxVehiclePhysXActor *physxActor, const PxVehiclePhysXRoadGeometryQueryParams *physxRoadGeometryQueryParams, const PxVehicleArrayData<const PxVehiclePhysXRoadGeometryQueryState> &physxRoadGeomState, const PxVehicleArrayData<const PxVehiclePhysXConstraintState> &physxConstraintStates, const PxVehiclePvdAttributeHandles &attributeHandles, PxVehiclePvdObjectHandles *objectHandles, OmniPvdWriter *omniWriter)

Register per wheel attachment data that involves the vehicle’s integration with a PhysX scene.


If any array is empty, the corresponding data will not be reflected in omnipvd.


If physxActor is NULL, the corresponding data will not be reflected in omnipvd.


If physxRoadGeometryQueryParams is NULL, the corresponding data will not be reflected in omnipvd.


Each array must either be empty or contain an entry for each wheel present in axleDesc.


objectHandles must be non-NULL.


omniWriter must be non-NULL.

  • axleDesc[in] is a description of the wheels and axles of a vehicle.

  • physxSuspLimitConstraintParams[in] describes the method used by PhysX to enforce suspension travel limits.

  • physxMaterialFrictionParams[in] describes the friction response of each wheel to a set of PxMaterial instances.

  • physxActor[in] describes the PxRigidActor and PxShape instances that are used to represent the vehicle’s rigid body and wheel shapes in PhysX.

  • physxRoadGeometryQueryParams[in] describes the physx scene query method used to place each wheel on the ground.

  • physxRoadGeomState[in] is an array of per wheel physx scene query results.

  • physxConstraintStates[in] is an array of constraints states used by PhysX to enforce sticky tire and suspension travel limit constraints.

  • attributeHandles[in] contains a general description of vehicle parameters and states that will be reflected in omnipvd.

  • objectHandles[in] contains unique handles for the parameters and states of each vehicle instance.

  • omniWriter[in] is an OmniPvdWriter instance used to communicate state and parameter data to omnipvd.