Defined in include/vehicle2/tire/PxVehicleTireFunctions.h

void PxVehicleTireForcesUpdate(const PxVehicleWheelParams &wheelParams, const PxVehicleSuspensionParams &suspensionParams, const PxVehicleTireForceParams &tireForceParams, const PxVehicleSuspensionComplianceState &complianceState, const PxVehicleTireGripState &tireGripState, const PxVehicleTireDirectionState &tireDirectionState, const PxVehicleTireSlipState &tireSlipState, const PxVehicleTireCamberAngleState &tireCamberAngleState, const PxVehicleRigidBodyState &rigidBodyState, PxVehicleTireForce &tireForce)

Compute the longitudinal and lateral forces in the world frame that develop on the tire as a consequence of the tire’s slip angles, friction and load.

  • wheelParams[in] describes the radius and half-width of the wheel.

  • suspensionParams[in] describes the frame of the suspension and wheel.

  • tireForceParams[in] describes the conversion of slip angle, friction and load to a force along the longitudinal and lateral directions of the tire.

  • complianceState[in] is a description of the camber and toe angle that arise from suspension compliance.

  • tireGripState[out] is the load and friction experienced by the tire.

  • tireDirectionState[in] is the tire’s longitudinal and lateral directions in the ground plane.

  • tireSlipState[in] is the longitudinal and lateral slip angles.

  • tireCamberAngleState[in] is the camber angle of the tire expressed in radians.

  • rigidBodyState[in] describes the current pose of the vehicle’s rigid body in the world frame.

  • tireForce[out] is the computed tire forces in the world frame.