Defined in include/vehicle2/commands/PxVehicleCommandHelpers.h

PxReal PxVehicleNonLinearResponseCompute(const PxReal command, const PxReal longitudinalSpeed, const PxU32 wheelId, const PxVehicleCommandResponseParams &responseParams)

Compute the non-linear response to a command.


responseParams is used to compute an interpolated normalized response to the combination of command and longitudinalSpeed. The interpolated normalized response is then used in place of the command as input to PxVehicleComputeLinearResponse().

  • command[in] is a normalised command value.

  • longitudinalSpeed[in] is the longitudional speed of the vehicle.

  • wheelId[in] specifies the wheel that is to respond to the command.

  • responseParams[in] specifies the wheel responses for all wheels on a vehicle.