Defined in include/vehicle2/suspension/PxVehicleSuspensionFunctions.h

void PxVehicleSuspensionLegacyForceUpdate(const PxVehicleSuspensionParams &suspensionParams, const PxVehicleSuspensionForceLegacyParams &suspensionForceParams, const PxVehicleRoadGeometryState &roadGeometryState, const PxVehicleSuspensionState &suspensionState, const PxVehicleSuspensionComplianceState &complianceState, const PxVehicleRigidBodyState &rigidBodyState, const PxVec3 &gravity, PxVehicleSuspensionForce &suspensionForce)

Compute the suspension force and torque arising from suspension compression and speed.



PxVehicleSuspensionLegacyForceUpdate implements the legacy force computation of PhysX 5.0 and earlier.

  • suspensionParams[in] is a description of the suspension and wheel frames.

  • suspensionForceParams[in] describes the conversion of suspension state to suspension force.

  • roadGeometryState[in] describes the plane under the wheel of the suspension.

  • suspensionState[in] is the current compression state of the suspension.

  • complianceState[in] is the current compliance state of the suspension.

  • rigidBodyState[in] describes the current pose of the rigid body.

  • gravity[in] is the gravitational acceleration.

  • suspensionForce[out] is the force and torque to apply to the rigid body arising from the suspension state.