Defined in include/PxSimulationEventCallback.h

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Base Type

struct PxContactPairIndex : public PxContactPairExtraDataItem

Marker for the beginning of a new item set in the extra data stream.

If CCD with multiple passes is enabled, then a fast moving object might bounce on and off the same object multiple times. Also, different shapes of the same actor might gain and lose contact with an other object over multiple passes. This marker allows to separate the extra data items for each collision case, as well as distinguish the shape pair reports of different CCD passes.

Example: Let us assume that an actor a0 with shapes s0_0 and s0_1 hits another actor a1 with shape s1. First s0_0 will hit s1, then a0 will slightly rotate and s0_1 will hit s1 while s0_0 will lose contact with s1. Furthermore, let us say that contact event pose information is requested as extra data. The extra data stream will look like this:

PxContactPairIndexA | PxContactPairPoseA | PxContactPairIndexB | PxContactPairPoseB

The corresponding array of PxContactPair events (see PxSimulationEventCallback.onContact()) will look like this:

PxContactPair(touch_found: s0_0, s1) | PxContactPair(touch_lost: s0_0, s1) | PxContactPair(touch_found: s0_1, s1)

The index of PxContactPairIndexA will point to the first entry in the PxContactPair array, for PxContactPairIndexB, index will point to the third entry.

Public Functions

inline PxContactPairIndex()

Public Members

PxU16 index

The next item set in the extra data stream refers to the contact pairs starting at index in the reported PxContactPair array.

PxU8 type

The type of the extra data stream item.