Defined in include/characterkinematic/PxController.h

struct PxControllerState

Describes a controller’s internal state.

Public Members

PxVec3 deltaXP

delta position vector for the object the CCT is standing/riding on. Not always match the CCT delta when variable timesteps are used.

PxShape *touchedShape

Shape on which the CCT is standing.

PxRigidActor *touchedActor

Actor owning ‘touchedShape’.

PxObstacleHandle touchedObstacleHandle
PxU32 collisionFlags

Last known collision flags (PxControllerCollisionFlag)

bool standOnAnotherCCT

Are we standing on another CCT?

bool standOnObstacle

Are we standing on a user-defined obstacle?

bool isMovingUp

is CCT moving up or not? (i.e. explicit jumping)