Defined in include/PxSceneQueryDesc.h

struct PxDynamicTreeSecondaryPruner

Secondary pruning structure used for newly added objects in dynamic trees.

Dynamic trees (PxPruningStructureType::eDYNAMIC_AABB_TREE) are slowly rebuilt over several frames. A secondary pruning structure holds and manages objects added to the scene while this rebuild is in progress.

eNONE ignores newly added objects. This means that for a number of frames (roughly defined by PxSceneQueryDesc::dynamicTreeRebuildRateHint) newly added objects will be ignored by scene queries. This can be acceptable when streaming large worlds, e.g. when the objects added at the boundaries of the game world don’t immediately need to be visible from scene queries (it would be equivalent to streaming that data in a few frames later). The advantage of this approach is that there is no CPU cost associated with inserting the new objects in the scene query data structures, and no extra runtime cost when performing queries.

eBUCKET uses a structure similar to PxPruningStructureType::eNONE. Insertion is fast but query cost can be high.

eINCREMENTAL uses an incremental AABB-tree, with no direct PxPruningStructureType equivalent. Query time is fast but insertion cost can be high.

eBVH uses a PxBVH structure. This usually offers the best overall performance.

Public Types

enum Enum


enumerator eNONE

no secondary pruner, new objects aren’t visible to SQ for a few frames

enumerator eBUCKET

bucket-based secondary pruner, faster updates, slower query time

enumerator eINCREMENTAL

incremental-BVH secondary pruner, faster query time, slower updates

enumerator eBVH

PxBVH-based secondary pruner, good overall performance.

enumerator eLAST