Defined in include/PxContact.h

struct PxGpuContactPair

Contains contact information for a contact reported by the direct-GPU contact report API.

See PxScene::copyContactData().

Public Members

PxU8 *contactPatches

Ptr to contact patches. Type: PxContactPatch*, size: nbPatches.

PxU8 *contactPoints

Ptr to contact points. Type: PxContact*, size: nbContacts.

PxReal *contactForces

Ptr to contact forces. Size: nbContacts.

PxU32 transformCacheRef0

Ref to shape0’s transform in transform cache.

PxU32 transformCacheRef1

Ref to shape1’s transform in transform cache.

PxNodeIndex nodeIndex0

Unique Id for actor0 if the actor is dynamic.

PxNodeIndex nodeIndex1

Unique Id for actor1 if the actor is dynamic.

PxActor *actor0

Ptr to PxActor for actor0.

PxActor *actor1

Ptr to PxActor for actor1.

PxU16 nbContacts

Num contacts.

PxU16 nbPatches

Num patches.