Defined in include/PxContact.h

Inheritance Relationships

Base Type

struct PxModifiableContact : public PxExtendedContact

A modifiable contact point.

This has additional fields per-contact to permit modification by user.


Not all fields are currently exposed to the user.

Public Members

PxVec3 normal

Contact normal.

PxReal restitution

Restitution coefficient.

PxU32 materialFlags

Material Flags.

PxU16 materialIndex0

Shape A’s material index.

PxU16 materialIndex1

Shape B’s material index.

PxReal staticFriction

static friction coefficient

PxReal dynamicFriction

dynamic friction coefficient

PxVec3 targetVelocity

Target velocity.

PxReal maxImpulse

Maximum impulse.

PxVec3 contact

Contact point in world space.

PxReal separation

Separation value (negative implies penetration).