Defined in include/PxFiltering.h

struct PxPairFilteringMode

Public Types

enum Enum


enumerator eKEEP

Output pair from BP, potentially send to user callbacks, create regular interaction object.

Enable contact pair filtering between kinematic/static or kinematic/kinematic rigid bodies.

By default contacts between these are suppressed (see PxFilterFlag::eSUPPRESS) and don’t get reported to the filter mechanism. Use this mode if these pairs should go through the filtering pipeline nonetheless.


This mode is not mutable, and must be set in PxSceneDesc at scene creation.

enumerator eSUPPRESS

Output pair from BP, create interaction marker.

Can be later switched to regular interaction.

enumerator eKILL

Don’t output pair from BP.

Cannot be later switched to regular interaction, needs “resetFiltering” call.

enumerator eDEFAULT

Default is eSUPPRESS for compatibility with previous PhysX versions.