Defined in include/PxParticleBuffer.h

struct PxParticleClothDesc

Structure to describe the set of particle cloths in the same PxParticleClothBuffer.

Used an input for the cloth preprocessing.

Public Functions

inline PxParticleClothDesc()

Public Members

PxParticleCloth *cloths

List of PxParticleCloth s, describes the individual cloths.

PxU32 *triangles

List of triangle indices, 3 consecutive PxU32 that map triangle vertices to particles.

PxParticleSpring *springs

List of PxParticleSpring s.

PxVec4 *restPositions

List of rest positions for all particles.

PxU32 nbCloths

The number of cloths in described using this cloth descriptor.

PxU32 nbSprings

The number of springs in this cloth descriptor.

PxU32 nbTriangles

The number of triangles in this cloth descriptor.

PxU32 nbParticles

The number of particles in this cloth descriptor.