Defined in include/characterkinematic/PxController.h

class PxControllerFilters

Filtering data for “move” call.

This class contains all filtering-related parameters for the PxController::move() call.

Collisions between a CCT and the world are filtered using the mFilterData, mFilterCallback and mFilterFlags members. These parameters are internally passed to PxScene::overlap() to find objects touched by the CCT. Please refer to the PxScene::overlap() documentation for details.

Collisions between a CCT and another CCT are filtered using the mCCTFilterCallback member. If this filter callback is not defined, none of the CCT-vs-CCT collisions are filtered, and each CCT will collide against all other CCTs.


PxQueryFlag::eANY_HIT and PxQueryFlag::eNO_BLOCK are ignored in mFilterFlags.

Public Functions

inline PxControllerFilters(const PxFilterData *filterData = NULL, PxQueryFilterCallback *cb = NULL, PxControllerFilterCallback *cctFilterCb = NULL)

Public Members

const PxFilterData *mFilterData

Data for internal PxQueryFilterData structure. Passed to PxScene::overlap() call. This can be NULL, in which case a default PxFilterData is used.

PxQueryFilterCallback *mFilterCallback

Custom filter logic (can be NULL). Passed to PxScene::overlap() call.

PxQueryFlags mFilterFlags

Flags for internal PxQueryFilterData structure. Passed to PxScene::overlap() call.

PxControllerFilterCallback *mCCTFilterCallback

CCT-vs-CCT filter callback. If NULL, all CCT-vs-CCT collisions are kept.