Defined in include/foundation/PxFoundation.h

class PxFoundation

Foundation SDK singleton class.

You need to have an instance of this class to instance the higher level SDKs.

Public Functions

virtual void release() = 0

Destroys the instance it is called on.

The operation will fail, if there are still modules referencing the foundation object. Release all dependent modules prior to calling this method.

virtual PxErrorCallback &getErrorCallback() = 0

retrieves error callback

virtual void setErrorLevel(PxErrorCode::Enum mask = PxErrorCode::eMASK_ALL) = 0

Sets mask of errors to report.

virtual PxErrorCode::Enum getErrorLevel() const = 0

Retrieves mask of errors to be reported.

virtual PxAllocatorCallback &getAllocatorCallback() = 0

Retrieves the allocator this object was created with.

virtual bool getReportAllocationNames() const = 0

Retrieves if allocation names are being passed to allocator callback.

virtual void setReportAllocationNames(bool value) = 0

Set if allocation names are being passed to allocator callback.

Enabled by default in debug and checked build, disabled by default in profile and release build.

virtual void registerAllocationListener(PxAllocationListener &listener) = 0
virtual void deregisterAllocationListener(PxAllocationListener &listener) = 0
virtual void registerErrorCallback(PxErrorCallback &callback) = 0
virtual void deregisterErrorCallback(PxErrorCallback &callback) = 0
virtual bool error(PxErrorCode::Enum c, const char *file, int line, const char *messageFmt, ...) = 0
virtual bool error(PxErrorCode::Enum, const char *file, int line, const char *messageFmt, va_list) = 0

Protected Functions

inline virtual ~PxFoundation()