Defined in include/PxParticleBuffer.h

class PxParticleClothPreProcessor

Preprocessor to prepare particle cloths for simulation.

Preprocessing is done by calling PxParticleClothPreProcessor::partitionSprings() on an instance of this class. This will allocate the memory in the output object, partition the springs and fill all the members of the ouput object. The output can then be passed without any further modifications to PxParticleClothBuffer::setCloths().

See #PxCreateParticleClothPreprocessor, PxParticleClothDesc, PxPartitionedParticleCloth

Public Functions

virtual void release() = 0

Release this object and deallocate all the memory.

virtual void partitionSprings(const PxParticleClothDesc &clothDesc, PxPartitionedParticleCloth &output) = 0

Partition the spring constraints for particle cloth simulation.


Protected Functions

inline virtual ~PxParticleClothPreProcessor()