Defined in include/PxParticleBuffer.h

struct PxPartitionedParticleCloth

Structure to describe the output of the particle cloth preprocessing.

Used as an input to specify cloth data for a PxParticleClothBuffer. All the pointers point to pinned host memory.

See PxParticleClothPreProcessor

Public Functions

void allocateBuffers(PxU32 nbParticles, PxCudaContextManager *cudaManager)

allocate all the buffers for this PxPartitionedParticleCloth.

  • nbParticles[in] the number of particles this PxPartitionedParticleCloth will be generated for.

  • cudaManager[in] a cuda context manager.

Public Members

PxU32 *accumulatedSpringsPerPartitions

The number of springs in each partition. Size: numPartitions.

PxU32 *accumulatedCopiesPerParticles

Start index for each particle in the accumulation buffer. Size: numParticles.

PxU32 *remapOutput

Index of the next copy of this particle in the next partition, or in the accumulation buffer. Size: numSprings * 2.

PxParticleSpring *orderedSprings

Springs ordered by partition. Size: numSprings.

PxU32 *sortedClothStartIndices

The first particle index into the position buffer of the PxParticleClothBuffer for each cloth. Cloths are sorted by start particle index. Size: numCloths.

PxParticleCloth *cloths

The PxParticleCloth s sorted by start particle index.

PxU32 remapOutputSize

Size of remapOutput.

PxU32 nbPartitions

The number of partitions.

PxU32 nbSprings

The number of springs.

PxU32 nbCloths

The number of cloths.

PxU32 maxSpringsPerPartition

The maximum number of springs in a partition.

PxCudaContextManager *mCudaManager

A cuda context manager.