Defined in include/vehicle2/drivetrain/PxVehicleDrivetrainFunctions.h

void PxVehicleEngineDrivetrainUpdate(const PxVehicleAxleDescription &axleDescription, const PxVehicleArrayData<const PxVehicleWheelParams> &wheelParams, const PxVehicleEngineParams &engineParams, const PxVehicleClutchParams &clutchParams, const PxVehicleGearboxParams &gearboxParams, const PxVehicleArrayData<const PxReal> &brakeResponseStates, const PxVehicleArrayData<const PxVehicleWheelActuationState> &actuationStates, const PxVehicleArrayData<const PxVehicleTireForce> &tireForces, const PxVehicleGearboxState &gearboxState, const PxVehicleEngineDriveThrottleCommandResponseState &throttleResponse, const PxVehicleClutchCommandResponseState &clutchResponse, const PxVehicleDifferentialState &diffState, const PxVehicleWheelConstraintGroupState *constraintGroupState, const PxReal dt, PxVehicleArrayData<PxVehicleWheelRigidBody1dState> &wheelRigidbody1dStates, PxVehicleEngineState &engineState, PxVehicleClutchSlipState &clutchState)

Forward integrate the angular speed of the vehicle’s wheels and engine, given the state of clutch, differential and gearbox.


If constraintGroupState is NULL then it is assumed that there are no wheels subject to rotational speed constraints.

  • axleDescription[in] is a decription of the axles of the vehicle and the wheels on each axle.

  • wheelParams[in] specifies the moment of inertia of each wheel.

  • engineParams[in] specifies the torque curve of the engine and its moment of inertia.

  • clutchParams[in] specifies the maximum clutch strength that happens when the clutch is fully engaged.

  • gearboxParams[in] specifies the gearing ratios of the gearbox.

  • brakeResponseStates[in] describes the per wheel response to the input brake command.

  • actuationStates[in] is a binary record of whether brake or drive torque is applied to each wheel.

  • tireForces[in] describes the torque to apply to each wheel as a response to the longitudinal tire force.

  • gearboxState[in] describes the current gear.

  • throttleResponse[in] describes the engine response to the input throttle pedal.

  • clutchResponse[in] describes the clutch response to the input clutch pedal.

  • diffState[in] describes the fraction of available drive torque to be delivered to each wheel.

  • constraintGroupState[in] describes groups of wheels with rotational speed constrained to the same value.

  • dt[in] is the time that has lapsed since the last call to PxVehicleEngineDrivetrainUpdate

  • wheelRigidbody1dStates[out] describes the angular speed of each wheel.

  • engineState[out] describes the angular speed of the engine.

  • clutchState[out] describes the clutch slip.