Defined in include/vehicle2/physxRoadGeometry/PxVehiclePhysXRoadGeometryFunctions.h

void PxVehiclePhysXRoadGeometryQueryUpdate(const PxVehicleWheelParams &wheelParams, const PxVehicleSuspensionParams &suspParams, const PxVehiclePhysXRoadGeometryQueryParams &roadGeomParams, const PxVehiclePhysXMaterialFrictionParams &materialFrictionParams, const PxReal wheelYawAngle, const PxVehicleRigidBodyState &rigidBodyState, const PxScene &scene, const PxConvexMesh *unitCylinderSweepMesh, const PxVehicleFrame &frame, PxVehicleRoadGeometryState &roadGeomState, PxVehiclePhysXRoadGeometryQueryState *physxRoadGeometryState)

Compute the plane of the road geometry under a wheel and the tire friction of the contact.


PxVehicleRoadGeometryState::hitState will have value false in the event that the there is no reachable road geometry under the wheel and true if there is reachable road geometry under the wheel. Road geometry is considered reachable if the suspension can elongate from its reference pose far enough to place wheel on the ground.

  • wheelParams[in] describes the radius and halfwidth of the wheel.

  • suspParams[in] describes the frame of the suspension and wheel and the maximum suspension travel.

  • roadGeomParams[in] describes the operation of the PhysX scene query.

  • materialFrictionParams[in] describes a mapping between PxMaterial and friction in order to compute a tire friction value.

  • wheelYawAngle[in] is the yaw angle (in radians) of the wheel.

  • rigidBodyState[in] describes the pose of the rigid body.

  • scene[in] is the PhysX scene that will be queried by the scene query.

  • unitCylinderSweepMesh[in] is a convex cylindrical mesh of unit radius and half-width to be used in the event that a sweep query is to be used.

  • frame[in] describes the lateral, longitudinal and vertical axes and is used to scale unitCylinderSweepMesh by the wheel’s radius and half-width.

  • roadGeomState[out] contains the plane and friction of the road geometry under the wheel.

  • physxRoadGeometryState[out] Optional buffer to store additional information about the query (like actor/shape that got hit etc.). Set to NULL if not needed.