Defined in include/vehicle2/drivetrain/PxVehicleDrivetrainComponents.h

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Base Type

class PxVehicleDirectDriveCommandResponseComponent : public PxVehicleComponent

Forward the applicable set of control values for a direct drive vehicle to a command response state for each applicable control value.

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The applicable control values are brake, handbrake, throttle and steer.

Public Functions

inline PxVehicleDirectDriveCommandResponseComponent()
inline virtual ~PxVehicleDirectDriveCommandResponseComponent()
virtual void getDataForDirectDriveCommandResponseComponent(const PxVehicleAxleDescription *&axleDescription, PxVehicleSizedArrayData<const PxVehicleBrakeCommandResponseParams> &brakeResponseParams, const PxVehicleDirectDriveThrottleCommandResponseParams *&throttleResponseParams, const PxVehicleSteerCommandResponseParams *&steerResponseParams, PxVehicleSizedArrayData<const PxVehicleAckermannParams> &ackermannParams, const PxVehicleCommandState *&commands, const PxVehicleDirectDriveTransmissionCommandState *&transmissionCommands, const PxVehicleRigidBodyState *&rigidBodyState, PxVehicleArrayData<PxReal> &brakeResponseStates, PxVehicleArrayData<PxReal> &throttleResponseStates, PxVehicleArrayData<PxReal> &steerResponseStates) = 0

Provide vehicle data items for this component.

  • axleDescription[out] identifies the wheels on each axle.

  • brakeResponseParams[out] An array of brake response parameters with a brake response for each brake command.

  • throttleResponseParams[out] The throttle response parameters.

  • steerResponseParams[out] The steer response parameters.

  • ackermannParams[out] The parameters defining Ackermann steering. NULL if no Ackermann steering is desired.

  • commands[out] The throttle, brake, steer etc. command states.

  • transmissionCommands[out] The transmission command state describing the current gear.

  • rigidBodyState[out] The state of the vehicle’s rigid body.

  • brakeResponseStates[out] The resulting brake response states given the command input and brake response parameters.

  • throttleResponseStates[out] The resulting throttle response states given the command input and throttle response parameters.

  • steerResponseStates[out] The resulting steer response states given the command input, steer response and (optionally) Ackermann parameters.

inline virtual bool update(const PxReal dt, const PxVehicleSimulationContext &context)

Compute a per wheel response to the input brake/handbrake/throttle/steer commands

and determine if there is an intention to accelerate the vehicle.