Defined in include/vehicle2/physxRoadGeometry/PxVehiclePhysXRoadGeometryComponents.h

Inheritance Relationships

Base Type

class PxVehiclePhysXRoadGeometrySceneQueryComponent : public PxVehicleComponent

Public Functions

inline PxVehiclePhysXRoadGeometrySceneQueryComponent()
inline virtual ~PxVehiclePhysXRoadGeometrySceneQueryComponent()
virtual void getDataForPhysXRoadGeometrySceneQueryComponent(const PxVehicleAxleDescription *&axleDescription, const PxVehiclePhysXRoadGeometryQueryParams *&roadGeomParams, PxVehicleArrayData<const PxReal> &steerResponseStates, const PxVehicleRigidBodyState *&rigidBodyState, PxVehicleArrayData<const PxVehicleWheelParams> &wheelParams, PxVehicleArrayData<const PxVehicleSuspensionParams> &suspensionParams, PxVehicleArrayData<const PxVehiclePhysXMaterialFrictionParams> &materialFrictionParams, PxVehicleArrayData<PxVehicleRoadGeometryState> &roadGeometryStates, PxVehicleArrayData<PxVehiclePhysXRoadGeometryQueryState> &physxRoadGeometryStates) = 0

Provide vehicle data items for this component.

  • axleDescription[out] identifies the wheels on each axle.

  • roadGeomParams[out] The road geometry parameters of the vehicle.

  • steerResponseStates[out] The steer response state of the wheels.

  • rigidBodyState[out] The pose, velocity etc. of the vehicle rigid body.

  • wheelParams[out] The wheel parameters for the wheels.

  • suspensionParams[out] The suspension parameters for the wheels.

  • materialFrictionParams[out] The tire friction tables for the wheels.

  • roadGeometryStates[out] The detected ground surface plane, friction value etc. for the wheels.

  • physxRoadGeometryStates[out] Optional buffer to store additional information about the query (like actor/shape that got hit etc.). Set to empty if not desired.

inline virtual bool update(const PxReal dt, const PxVehicleSimulationContext &context)

Update function for a vehicle component.

  • dt[in] The timestep size to use for the update step.

  • context[in] Vehicle simulation context holding global data or data that usually applies to a large group of vehicles.


True if subsequent components in a sequence should get updated, false if the sequence should be aborted.